Inside you’ll find some back-to-school fun! Enjoy a youth story about Bobo Doggo, the pencil, and his crazy life in Room 207. Written by Noah, Age 8. Have you ever seen a real jelly fish? Matthew, Age 14, tells his true story about his experience with a jelly fish on a family trip to the beach. 

This is a very unique issue because there is a special activity section inside the magazine. You’ll get to follow Melvin McMelon’s classroom on a field trip to Grandma M’s garden in Countryville. But try not to step on any of the worms and potato bugs while you’re there! Learn all about one of the most favorite vegetables on the globe—the potato! By the time you’re done your field trip, you’ll be able to answer questions like: How did the potato first come to be? How did it arrive in America? What’s a delicious way to eat them?

Before the students return to their classroom, follow them on their tour of The Historic Museum of Wax, not far from Grandma M’s garden. Learn about a true hero who saved many lives in an ocean storm, and two other very extraordinary people.

And the next very fun surprise will be found in the center of the magazine. You’ll receive a map of the city of BAZOOF! that has never been revealed before. Along with the map, there will be a ‘finding map game’ that will help you explore it.

All this and MUCH more in the next issue of BAZOOF!