Splinter Wood

by Samuel, Age 13

On a branch.
Staring down.
Long way down.
Hands gripped with fear, on a so small stick,
to a so tall heap of splinters,
digging in my limbs.
Splintering, screeching, on a stick,
so slick with sweat.
Crunching, cracking, from above.
Chipping, crackling, as I glance up.
Crashing, clashing, into me,
a stick of splintering wood.

More scratched,
more bruised,
dangling down.
Stick of splinters,
is on the ground.
As its crash resounds, I still hang on.
The falling leaves,
laughing me.
I’m slowly, barely, sliding down.
Holding, grasping, for dear life.
Splinters cutting me,
like a knife.
Days later, at least it seems,
has rescued me.
Stick of Splintering Wood,
staring me, yet
harmless now.
Happy that I am being
sat down

Capturing a Moment

In this poem, Samuel really captures a moment that perhaps he has experienced before. He explores many emotions one could have from falling helpless to the ground from a broken tree branch. Does his poem inspire you to write a poem yourself? It could be about flying a kite, fishing, sleeping on a dock, hiking on a trail, riding a bike, or another idea you have. You could even send your poem to B! by visiting submit.