A Wild-Eyed Dream

by Sarah, Age 14

Rushing wind blowing back my hair
Whipping it around
A hurricane of possession snatching at the long strands
The crystal clear blue
surrounds in all directions;
There is no up and down
No right way or wrong way
There’s only me
and the endless sky

Sometimes clouds block my vision;
the world becomes one of a misty gray
Other times,
I find myself in the middle of a starry night
Drops of light illuminate everything in a soft ethereal radiance
The stars are so close;
I could reach out and grab them
Bring them down to earth and share the beauty.

I never do
The stars belong in the sky;
not tied to the ground
And maybe I’m just selfish;
unwilling to share.

This time
it’s a perfect summer day
The sun is nowhere to be found,
But everything is bright
The wind is just right;
not so strong that I have no control
not too weak so as to make the world feel still
I’m in a bubble;
swooping and soaring
Diving and coasting on a breeze
My heart rises and falls with the movement of my body
Yet it always stays full;
full of hope
full of love
full of every glorious promise that the future holds
As close as the clouds
As close as the stars
Nothing can hurt me here
I’m free
An angel without wings

Angels can fall, though
Be tossed out of Heaven
And forced to walk among those that don’t know
Know freedom
Know happiness
Made to live on the ground;
yearning for the sky.
Losing a piece of myself along the way
Every morning
I wake up
It was only just a dream

Dreams Flow

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