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Just to update all B! readers, issue #59 was dropped in the mail Friday, June 2’nd. To see the revised publication schedule, visit here. Also, learn about something BIG happening just around the corner for subscribers!

Issue #59 is filled more than ever with stuff sent in by youth! Thanking everyone for all your contributions! The feature story that appears on the cover comes from Asif, an aspiring young writer who shares a fable he calls, The Fox & the Birds.

Brittany, Age 10, sent in a comic that Chenchen expanded on to become a fun 2-paged comic about climbing Mount Everest!!! Plus, read Brittany’s interview afterwards to hear how she came up with the idea.

Nurse Sniggles drops into the elementary school to speak to the students about hearing and taking care of their ears. She includes a Mad Lib, puzzle challenge and serves up a delicious smoothie at the end of her visit!

If you’re looking for a fun craft to do, James has a peacock you can make out of a few materials that you have at home. And how about a spy story!?! Rebecca, Age 11, shares one about Julia who finds out her friend has been kidnapped.  Find out what happens!

In this issue, Alisha and David are wrapping up being the mag hosts and say farewell to all the readers. You get to meet Paras and Ruel, the new hosts, and learn a little about them in their interview!

Rig Rog gives readers a hint of what is coming in the summer issue as Mr. McMelon’s class sets out on a very fun field trip that includes a visit to the Historic Museum of Wax! All this and more in Issue #59!