Super Agent Jon Le Bon!

How would you like to wear your pajamas to the park or to school every day? How about wearing a tuque on your head no matter what the weather is outside? If you think that would be fun or interesting, you’d definitely want to meet Alex A.

When Alex was the age of BAZOOF! readers, he came up with the character of Jon Le Bon, a lovable anti-hero who gets into outrageous situations. In 2011, Alex’s dreams came true when he became published with his character as L’Agent Jean, a big hit to young French-speaking readers in Quebec, France, Switzerland and Belgium. Now his works are being published in English as Super Agent Jon Le Bon!

You’ll learn lots more about Alex when you read an interview and enjoy his comic that will be published in an upcoming issue of BAZOOF! Looking forward to it! Until then, visit his website to read more about his books, watch videos, and enter any contests he might have going.

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