The Gnomes vs. the Fairies

By Lily, Age 8

As morning broke, all the fairies got ready for the long day in the meadow. When Rosie awoke, she rushed out of her little cottage into the meadow. The meadow was beautiful and the grass was covered in dew drops.Rosie met her friends Sunny and Tula at the seed shed. But when they got to the shed, they discovered that there were no more seeds. “Oh no!” they all said in perfect unison.

“Oh no! My sunflower seeds are gone!” said Sunny.

“Nooooo! Not my rose seeds!” Rosie cried.

“Aw man! The evil garden gnomes are at it again! Stealing our seeds so they can get a perfect garden!” said Tula.

“We’ve got to go find them,” said Rosie.

“Yeah!” said Sunny punching the air.

“I agree,” said Tula.

The fairies got dressed and ready to go through the dark forest to get to the gnome world. They needed to get the seeds so they could start their spring planting soon. But first the fairies had to go to the library to learn more about gnomes.“Here! I found a book about gnomes. It says that gnomes are very dumb, but they are also allergic to the seasoning thyme,” said Tula.

The fairies went out of the library and got beans and put them in old used seed packets so they could swap them with the gnomes. They also gathered thyme so they could make the gnomes faint. They mixed the thyme in with the beans so that when they gave the gnomes the packets, they would faint. Then the fairies could run away with their spring seeds.

They left the library and started going through the dark forest so they could get to the gnome world. The fairies grabbed torches for light. The dark forest was eerie … bare trees … owls hooting … birds scattering. There was barely any light. It smelt musty.

Rosie stepped on a stick and jumped a foot! She was shaking all over. “Don’t worry!” Tula said. “There’s a very low percentage that there are any wolves in here. Even the wolves are afraid to live here. That was just a stick!”

Soon it got brighter and brighter. They were entering gnome world!

Gnome world was so bright. But there were gnome guards! They would have to sneak past them! The fairies turned invisible with their fairy dust and sneaked past. They sprinkled themselves with the fairy dust again and turned back visible.

They sneaked over to the gnome’s garden shed and they saw their seeds! But all of a sudden the gnomes appeared before the fairies could get out of there—and the fairies were trapped.

They started talking about trading and the fairies say, “We’ll trade you these lovely magic beans for those worthless seeds.”

“Okay!” the gnomes said in a high pitched voice.

So they traded the seeds and immediately the gnomes fainted! “The plan worked!” the fairies whispered.

The fairies turned themselves invisible and rushed back to the meadow. And they immediately were crowned the bravest fairies of the meadow!   The End

Story from a Drawing

Lily had fun writing her story and putting some drawings together for it. Do you have a drawing that you could look at and think of a story that could go with it? If so, grab a pencil and paper and try writing it out! You could even send it to B! by visiting submit.