Little Ozzy

by Raquel

My name is Raquel and this is our dog, Ozzy. He is a Yorkshire Terrier. We got him when he was 10 weeks old and now he is five months. Both his dad and brother live on our block. Before we got Ozzy we had a fish, hamster and a few frogs. When we heard that Ozzy’s mom had puppies, we asked if we could go see them. We weren’t expecting to buy one.

Sometimes it is hard training a new puppy. He sometimes has accidents in the house and he always takes our socks and bites us. He barks quite a bit. We take him out for walks and when we go to school, my mom walks him with us. We give him food and water, but he mostly eats dry dog food. When he goes to the toilet outside, we give him a soft and chewy treat.

We brush him and give him a bath once a month. He just sits in the water and shakes. He sleeps with us every night and he is very playful. We throw a ball and he’ll go get it, or we take one of his toys and shake it in front of him. His favourite toy is a cat stuffy that is about the same weight as him. He thinks it is his girlfriend and carries it around and bites it.

Our favorite thing to do with Ozzy is to play with him and chase him around! We were begging for a dog and now we’ve got Ozzy!”

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