Nanny’s Flowers

by Karen R. Clarke

My daughter, Kathryn, discovered that her first pregnancy was twin girls. She asked me to come and live with them. Once Kendra and Kaylee were 3 years old, I decided it was time to live on my own again. I rented an apartment approximately a 10-minute drive from their home. The girls made their first visit to my new abode the day the gardeners had planted a beautiful flower bed in front of the building.

Kathryn was ringing my buzzer when she noticed both of the girls had their hands jammed with freshly planted flowers—roots and all. Kathryn quickly took the flowers, replanted them, and hurried into the building. As the girls entered my apartment, I hugged and kissed them. Kendra opened her hand and said, “This was for your Nanny Apartment”. She gently passed me an old faded oak leaf with spots of paint on it. Kaylee handed me an odd shaped rock. I thanked them for their beautiful treasures and placed them in a fancy bowl on my table.

I have never received two more thoughtful gifts. After my girls left, I thanked God for his blessing of my three beautiful precious ‘lambs’.

Family Life

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