Unexpected Visitor

The day seemed to be going by so fast! My two best friends and I were almost home from school. As we turned onto Rammy Road, a green light lit up the sky. Ryan with his glasses held together with a band-aid, and Laura in her hot pink fluffy shirt, saw it too. Their eyes were as big and round as my mom’s Sunday pancakes.

The light disappeared as quickly as it came. A flying red saucer took its place spinning above us. We all ducked, thinking it was going to crash on our heads. It was now spinning faster. It was out of control! In a blink of an eye it crashed in the woods beside us.

“Run!” Laura yelled with horror that clouded her whole face. The three of us dodged amongst the pine trees until we reached my house. We ran up the stairs and into my room, I slammed the door behind us hoping that we would all be safe.

Once we had all caught our breath, I broke the silence, “What was that?”

Ryan began to speak. “I think it was a UFO!” Laura interrupted before he could start babbling on about aliens.

“It couldn’t have been,” she said looking blankly at me, as if she was going to get an answer. I said nothing. For once I agreed with Ryan…maybe it was a UFO.

“I think we should go back,” I explained.

“Me too!” Ryan spat out without hesitating. After we discussed it, Laura finally gave in. So off we went. As soon as I shut the front door to leave, Laura turned around.

“Lucy I can’t do this! What if it was a UFO!”

“Laura! Come on!” I said, frustrated. I practically dragged her all the way down to the end of the street. Finally, we were about two feet away from where the saucer had landed.

“I see it!” Ryan shouted. A little blue marble-like ball came shooting out and in seconds it became a seven-foot mysterious guilty-looking creature. The creature had the biggest, blackest, most pointy teeth that he kept wiggling with his grimy tongue.

“Let’s get out of here!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. Once again we scrambled to get back to my house. I looked back and saw the creature chasing us.

“Faster!” I yelled. The three of us charged up to my room once we hit the doorstep. I slammed my bedroom door shut, rattling the house to its foundation. A strange feeling came over me, I knew there was something in my closet. I wanted to hide but my desire to find answers was too strong.

My trembling fingers opened the closet door. There he was, staring down at me. I had to think fast, “Ryan open my window,” I whispered, hoping he would hear me and yet not wanting to make the strange being alert of my plan. Ryan didn’t question me, he just walked quietly to my window and did what I asked.

My strategy now changed, “Hey you!” I blurted trying not to show fear. The creature looked up and zoomed straight at me as if I was a greasy hamburger and he hadn’t eaten in days. I went over to the window fast hoping my plan would work. He reached out to grab me while he was still running. I stepped aside, and he flew out the window. The three of us watched him hit the ground and turn into slimy blue goo.

I shut the window, taking a deep breath as I closed my eyes thinking about everything that had just happened. What was that creature? How did he get into my room before us? Did he want to hurt me and my friends? My head was spinning out of control with unanswered questions.

When I opened my eyes, I was in my PJs tucked into bed. “It was all a dream!” I whispered to myself in relief. I jumped out of bed and looked out the window, no goo. It was a dream! I was almost laughing at my imagination, but I still had this odd feeling in the pit of my stomach. How could I scare myself like this.

I went downstairs to get breakfast. As I went on with my day, relieved that things appeared as they were the day before I had my dream. Little did I know there was one thing in my room that didn’t belong to me—and yet was very familiar. It was a big, black, pointy tooth, and it was laying in the bottom of my closet.   THE END