Eat, Jump & Grow!

Cam the Carrot is off to a good start for spring weather! He hopes these fun ways to think about your health will help you enjoy this time of year even more!

1. Eat Fresh Fruit

The warmer weather and extra sunshine will naturally raise your energy! Enjoy eating fresh fruit daily to get all those super antioxidants and minerals in your system. Some excellent choices are oranges, pineapple, papaya, apples, pears, cherries, berries, bananas, dates, and dried apricots. Try to eat 2-3 a day, especially at breakfast to give you a morning boost!

2. Get Out in Nature!

You’ll not only get some vitamin D naturally from the sun, but the running and playing around outside will help you sleep better at night! Try to eat your lunch outside at school when the weather is good, take the dog to the park, bike around the neighbourhood—lots of ways to enjoy the fresh air.

3. Plan Some Gardening

Think of ways you can do some growing this spring! Maybe you can help with the family garden in your backyard, or ask about having a little spot to grow a few vegetables yourself. If you don’t have a backyard, you could even grow a few herbs or vegetables in a pot on your deck or balcony! Gardening is fun and rewarding, especially when you can include it in the family meals!

Share Your ideas!

If you have some other ways of how you can enjoy a healthy spring, let us know! Send to