The weather is warming up and the next issue is on it’s way to help bring in spring!

In this issue, readers get to enter Sir Melvin McMelon Elementary and meet the school principal and his students. Rig Rog, Griffmo, Bellaboo and other students learn what makes them all so different and how they can treat each other with those differences in mind. There is a fruity invasion going on in Chenchen’s comic with some crazy characters like Clementina, Mr. Oniolli and Brock From Cali! What is this sweet bunch up to?

Some more great true stories are at the Community Center! Leith, Age 13, talks about what it has been like learning to play the oboe, Honami remembers finding bamboo with her grandparents, and Karen is learning to face her fears in the water.

If you like basketball, you’ll want to meet John, Age 10, who is just about to score a few points for his team. And are you ready to do a new craft? James shows you how to make an ‘Accordion Card’. They are a great gift to give away and fun to make any time of the year!

This will be your first time visiting the Countryville Public Library. There you’ll read two stories written by youth. Arushi, Age 12, shares her story about a girl who wakes up late for school, and then has a stream of bad events follow her the rest of the day. Tate, Age 17, writes The Dragon and the Book where you’ll see what a draconian looks like and have a chance to solve his cypher! All this and much more in this exciting spring issue!