Technological Monster

“This comic is dedicated to my younger brother to help show him, in a fun way, how dangerous technology can be. Some of my favorite things to do are read, listen to music, play the piano, and draw. I got the idea to write this comic by mostly watching other people around me. I saw how so many were busy with their phones and with the help of my imagination, it gave me the inspiration to write it. I have had my computer hacked before. Fortunately I was able to counter the hack and the worst damage was having all my files and contacts erased. Nothing majorly important was lost. What I enjoyed most about writing the comic was figuring out how to portray the main villain while still leaving most of him in secrecy. The most challenging part was how I would draw the characters. I had an idea in my mind, but my hand wouldn’t draw exactly what I wanted.” Isabella, Age 13

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