Attention Seeker

by Laura Thomas

I had survived another day with relative sanity. Dinner was accomplished, and the finish line was in sight—bed-time for my darling children aged 7 years, 3 years, and 6 months. My husband and I skillfully and speedily cleaned up the massacre in the kitchen, with baby Jacob supervising contentedly in his bouncy chair.

Upstairs, ‘princess’ Charlotte donned her favorite pink nightgown, and arranged her menagerie of stuffies on her canopy bed. Little Jameson, was especially quiet, but this was no cause for alarm as he was not the stereotypical ‘middle child’. He was generally mild-mannered, peaceful, independent and very easy indeed! Having been recently promoted to ‘big brother’, he was supposedly putting on his pajamas all by himself, allowing us to decompress as we chatted about our day and finished doing the dishes.

After a while, my attention was drawn to some movement at the top of the stairs. As I looked up, I failed to see my boy in his usual night-time apparel. Rather, there before me was a pillow with feet! Clearly, Jameson had decided to take on the challenge of shimmying his entire body, head first, into his pillowcase. My husband and I exchanged glances, and then erupted into fits of hysterical laughter. You had to be there!

However, as the pillowcase proclaimed, “Watch this!” our peals of laughter turned to shrieks of horror as my 3 year old dove head first, still enveloped, down the flight of stairs. It was one of those slow motion moments we parents dread. Fortunately, small children are apparently made of rubber, and the only damage done was a split lip for Jameson and a few gray hairs for me.

It was also a reminder for us as parents to attempt to give ALL of our children the attention they need and crave….especially the quiet ones! Oh, and we implemented a family rule in our house: “Pillowcases will NOT be worn when walking down the stairs.”

Family Life

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