Winter is Coming

Winter is coming with its early black nights
and cold white frosty mornings.

The trees stand bare and animals grow hair to
prepare for the season of cold.

Water starts to freeze, and people buckle their
knees as the weather starts to change.

The rain turns to snow and people know that
winter is coming with a fast fury.

Wind howls in vain, the world turns stark white.

It falls from the sky and without a chance to
reply, it falls to the ground.

The wind dies down and the world goes on
without a sound.

In the light of the moon, the snow continues to
fall and the term of ‘soon’ goes to ‘tis’
as it ‘tis winter now.

by Rhiannon, Age 10

What Do You Like About Winter?

The winter season brings new activities and experiences. Try writing what the winter months and weather are to you. You can put your thoughts in a poem, like Rhiannon did, or as a journal entry. You could even send what you wrote to B! by visiting submit.