Pet Talk

by Amanda, Age 12

My cat is a brown spotted tabby that loves to snuggle, eat, sleep and be petted. Her name is Princess Jasmine, but we call her ‘Jazzy’ for short. She is 14 years old. She is older then me, but I still love her!

Have you ever wanted a pet? Cat, dog or even a horse? I’ll tell you a bit about animal lifestyles and needs.

If you want a pet for a long time (15-20 years), then a horse is good for you. But there is a catch. Horses require a lot of work. You need to keep nice and clean the horse’s pasture, stall and tack (bridle, saddle, blanket). And as much as you think you’re done, you still have to wash, brush and comb the horse.

A dog is great, they live about 10-17 years. They’re lots of fun. You can play fetch and go to the park and beach with them. Dogs are a little work too. You need to walk them rain or shine (or even when it’s snowing). You need to pick up their poop and if they get sprayed by a skunk (hopefully they don’t), you need to give them a tomato juice bath (gross!!!).

Cats are fun. They snuggle up and make you happy! They live about 13 -18 years. They are fluffy and soft. All animals love to play. Cats like toy mice, dogs like playing with sticks and balls, horses like to play with other horses.

Some other animals you can have for a pet are: hamster, chinchilla, mouse, rat, or even a goat or cow. All animals have different life spans and personalities. If you are allergic to fur, some dogs have hair that is called ‘hyper-allergetic’.

Well, if you are getting a pet, learn first as much as you can about their needs and the different things you can do with them. That might help you make the right choice. You can get a pet from the pet store or the animal shelter. The pet you get will change your life and you will get a new best friend, forever!

Fun Animal Facts

  • Donkeys were like 4-wheel-drive vehicles in the olden days.
  • Cats were worshiped in Egypt as early as 3200 BC.
  • Gold fish have about a three second memory.
  • Elephants remember better than humans.
  • Dogs were first domesticated from wolves, then later developed into
    hundreds of breeds.

Do you have a furry friend?

Pets can be friends in lots of different ways. Share your pet story with other B! readers. Send it to the submission page.