You sneaked up upon us
in the middle of the night.
We weren’t prepared.
You gave us quite a fright.

You ripped apart my house
and ruined the trees.
I was too young to know what was going on.
You threw my parents on their knees.

You caused us so much pain.
You caused us so much stress.
Now that I think about it,
was God giving us a test?

13 years ago,
Our lives suddenly stopped
because of you, tornado,
when you came from the stormy sky and dropped.

To this day,
your mark is still here.
I just pray
Another one of you won’t reappear.

by Olivia, Age 14

What Have You Experienced?

This poem, written by Olivia, was from a true event in her life. In her words, “Tornado Tuesday really hit our house hard”. Has there been an event in your life that you could write about? You could put it in the form of a poem, as a journal entry, or develop it into a story. You could even send it to B! by visiting submit.