Tree Topper

Lexus & Jesse, Age 11, have a fun holiday craft you can do! Place this star on top of your tree, hang it as a decoration in a window, or about anywhere you’d like some holiday cheer!

What You Need!

  • cardboard
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • tinfoil
  • toilet paper roll
  • tape or stapler
  • hot glue (with an adult’s assistance)
  • decorations (beads, candy, glitter, foamies, stickers, macaroni, buttons)



Draw the shape of a star on a piece of heavy cardboard (about 6-8 inches wide or as you wish). You could use the side of a cardboard box.


Cut the cardboard star out as carefully as you can.


Cover it completely with tinfoil on the front and back.


Use tape or a stapler to secure tinfoil in place if needed.


Then decorate it with items such as beads, candy, glitter, foamies, stickers, macaroni or buttons! Secure decorations with tape, hot glue or a stapler if needed.

If you’d like to have the star go on top of your tree, cover a toilet paper roll with tinfoil and decorate it. Staple one of the star points inside the roll, then put the end of the roll over the top of the tree with the star standing up!

Share a Holiday Craft

Thanks Lexus and Jesse, for this fun project. If you know an easy craft you can share with other B! readers, send it here!