021116_1by Ruquaiyah, Age 13

If I have to sail over seas
And fly over the seven skies
Or discover my own land
And deal with buzzing bees

Then I have to let go of all my fears
And learn to deal with fireflies
And let go of the word grand
To fit in the large caravan

Of the travelers traveling by
Through sea, sky and land
I need to be brave and bold
Not timid and shy

I should learn
Learn to eat, drink, and wear
In whatever I may earn
And learn to have a big heart
Which would make me able to share

And only then I could be able to dart
On all the questions
Asked about being a traveler
And walking with my caravan of travelers

No matter how long
The road stretches down
No matter how hard
The stones bark

I have to keep going on
I have to complete my journey
And fulfill my destiny

I have to at times walk alone through the dark
Because in the light
It can be more dangerous than fighting with a shark
I have to work day and night
To take false from what’s real

At first everything appears
To be sparkling gold
But to face the truth
You have to be brave and bold

So just discover
For yourself what the journey has to uncover
For you

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