Origami Bookmark

160916_1Create your own cute monster bookmarks. You can use origami paper or cut a square out of construction paper that is the same width and height. Japanese traditional origami paper is 15 cm in height and 15 cm in width. But this craft works for any square piece of paper.

What You Need!

  • square construction paper (that is the same height and width) or origami paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • felt markers or crayons
  • other colored construction paper for the face etc.
  • foam pieces, beads or any other decoration that isn’t too thick (optional)



Fold the paper in half.


Then fold it in half again.


Unfold it. You can now see the outlines of four squares in the unfolded paper.


Cut out one square carefully with scissors following the lines.

It's like the picture.

Now it will look like this.


Place the paper so it looks like this, then fold in the right corner of the paper so it meets in the center.


Fold the opposite side the same way. When the two sides are done, turn your paper as you see here and it will look like a fox!


Unfold them. Now you are going to glue one side of each triangle. Can you see a blue line on the paper in this image? That is a line of glue. Put a thin layer of glue on the lower side of each triangle (not the top). Press it down so it follows the line you see on the paper.


Now with both of those sides glued down, your paper will look like this. Let the glue firm up before continuing. Wait maybe 30 minutes.


Then fold one triangle that you glued into the open space of the other triangle. It needs to tuck in all the way.


If you have something to nudge it all the way in, it will make it easier, like scizzors that are round at the end. You don’t want to rip or tear the paper in your efforts.


Once you’ve successfully done that, your paper (origami) will look like this.


Prepare the monster’s eyes, tongue, wings, fangs and so on. You can make it look the way you’d like. Test them out, but don’t glue them on yet. Cut out a square small enough to fit in the space that you see in the image below.


Test it out. Trim the paper if you need to and then glue it in place.


Now add all your other pieces on to finish it up! Let the glue dry a bit and then you can use it as a bookmark!


You can also make other designs like this one!

If you use one small extra square, which is cut out before, you can make smaller bookmark in the same way.

If you use the small square that you cut off earlier, you can make a mini bookmark the same way.

Make Your Own Design

This craft is a fun activity for Halloween or anytime of the year. You could make a different design than what has been shown and share with other BAZOOF! visitors here!