Gareth in NYC

041016_6Phwaaa! It’s me, Gareth, the Unusual Duck-Billed Playtypus off on another adventure! This time, to the greatest city in the world, the Big Apple. The city so nice they named it twice: New York, New York! Business, art, food—many things have been born here and have spread all over the world, such as Manhattan clam chowder, Wall Street, Broadway musicals and so on. Here are some photos of my trip!


Here I am in Central Park. Obviously. This park is HUGE! 843 acres, to be exact, of inner city pleasure.


After a day of walking all over Central Park, I found time to relax my feet at Bethsheba Fountain!


Catching a bite to eat while waiting to buy theatre tickets in Times Square! Can’t wait to see a show!


Here I am at the Museum of Modern Art. Of course, it’s just my opinion, but I prefer Van Gogh’s series on platypusses.


The Museum of Natural History has skeletons of all sorts of animals. Hey! There’s even a platyp-… Okay, that’s just creepy!


Time for a walk over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge! The sunset seen from here is spectacular!

Fun Facts

  1. Central Park is one of the oldest and most visited urban parks in America. There are 36 bridges in the park. Phwaa! I love a quaint bridge!
  2. Bethsheba Fountain was built in 1873 and was part of the original design plan of Central Park.
  3. The High Line was an abandoned elevated railway line that’s been turned into a charming walk-way.
  4. Times Square is visited by about 360,000 pedestrians each day. Heheh, make that 360,000 and 1!
  5. In New York City there are more than 26,000 people living in each square mile! What a busy city!
  6. Phantom of the Opera is currently the longest running show in Broadway history, with over 9100 performances. We should go to see the musical!
  7. More than 47 percent of New York City’s residents over the age of 5 speak another language other than English at home. NYC explains why the USA is called ‘Melting pot’ very well.