Fall Fun 2016

cover_56What’s Inside?

What would happen if you were at school and it rained so hard, the playground started to float away? Read a fun youth story about this very particular situation written by Brittany, Age 10. Meet Nathan who introduces the Korean sport of taekwondo. He’s included some fun games to go with the sport that will teach you more about it.

Apple Sandwiches

In Freg’s Snack Shack you’ll find him working hard serving up an apple sandwich. They are easy to make and a real tasty treat! Detailed directions are included so you can make them right away. Did you notice Freg’s face is an apple?!? It totally works because apples are in season and he loves to munch on them.

Few Spooks

With Halloween approaching, you’ll find a few spooky features inside this issue. See if you can find them all in the neighborhood of Countryville. You can also make a cute monster bookmark and read a ghost story by Arjun, Age 10. Our new fuzzy-headed friend, George the monkey, is very nervous for his job interview. You’ll get to finish his comic and decide what happens. And Murphy, the dog, got picked up by the pet petrol so read a little about her and what makes Murphy such a special friend to Olivia, Age 13. All this and much more in this fun fall issue of BAZOOF!

Mag Upate

Issue #56 is printed and will be mailed Thursday, October 27, 2016!