Wakeboardin’ with Lockey!

070916_5Crazer here! Just want to make sure that all of you crazy dawgs are still kickin’ it hi-core. I totally met this sweet dude named Lockey. He was a competitive wakeboarder a few years back! That’s one rad sport fo’ shiz homies! I asked him a tad about the world of wake boardin’ and he told me all about it!Crazer: What got you into the stellar sport of wakeboardin’?


Lockey Price getting some big air!

Lockey: My family has always been into watersports. My first word was ‘ski’ and it was what our family did for fun in the summer. When I was two, my dad would pull me across the shore on skis until I got enough guts to try it behind the boat. I started wakeboarding when I was twelve and the ‘skurfer’ had just come out. It was kind of like a surfboard but with little straps that held the board to your feet. My dad, his friend and myself all tried it out, but I was the only one that got up.

C: That’s pretty impressive! Where has wakeboardin’ taken ya, what comps have you been in?

L: Through wakeboarding I have traveled all over Canada for the nationals. In the states, mostly to California or Florida. I went to Spain for the 2004 Worlds and Singapore in 2005 for the World Cup.

C: How did you deal with the results when you hit the tough competitions?

L: I learned that it doesn’t really matter how everybody else does, as long as I’m pleased with my own performance.

C: What did you do in your personal life to help you rock the sport?

L: I tried to eat healthy and exercise. I tried to workout before the season started and stretch more. I would jump on the tramp to help with my air sense and do other board sports to help with coordination.

C: Dude, what’s the toughest stuff you gotta do in the sport?

L: Learning new tricks is probably the biggest challenge and doing the ones I had learned before. It is hard to get your muscle memory around movements that you might only do three or four months of the year.

C: Got any sweet tips for some folks who might be tryin’ the sport?


Lockey Price holding up his trophy.

L: Just have fun. Wakeboarding is all about getting out on a nice sunny day and enjoying the water. As you do it more often, learning things becomes addicting. You’ll realize that the more tricks your learn, the more fun it is.

C: Any advice for the kids out there before we wrap this up?

L: Enjoy this time in your life. I don’t remember much about being young, but the things I do remember are building forts, riding bikes, playing sports and having fun. Enjoy being a kid and don’t let others tell you to grow up until you’re good and ready. Also, make sure you get outside. I mean, I like video games as much as the next guy, but you receive so many more benefits from being active. Nice chatting, Crazer!

Tell me how you’re kickin’ it!

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