Think Eat Save!

300816_1When you’re done eating your lunch at school, do you throw what you didn’t eat in the garbage? Do you often throw food out instead of saving it or putting it in the compost?

Food thrown into the garbage becomes waste and this waste creates greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases are a major contributor to the change in the climate. Food waste also uses precious land and water. Because it is getting to be such a big problem in the world, the United Nations has begun a new global campaign. It is, “Think Eat Save”. Here is how it works:

THINK: We are to think before we buy or gather food

EAT: Eat what we need

SAVE: Then save or take any action we can to prevent what is left from being wasted

Following this slogan will help people fight food waste in their homes, schools and the many businesses that deal with it daily.

Ways we can reduce food waste!

  1. Help plan meals and snacks so that when your mom or care giver does the shopping, they know what best to buy.
  2. At meal time, try not to take too much food when you are first serving up. Instead of throwing any food out if you are full or not able to finish it, save it in the fridge and eat it later.
  3. For your school lunch, never throw anything out. Share it with a friend or bring it home and put it in the fridge. Let your mom or care giver know why you didn’t eat it so that they can help you prevent waste.
  4. At restaurants, share a meal with someone if it is more than you want or ask the waiter to package it up to bring home.

When everyone does their little part to reduce food waste—it can add up to a very big difference!

Share your efforts!

What do you do to reduce waste or help save the earth? Tell us about it here!