Night in the Mansion

290816_3By Hannah, Age 10

Aah! Aah!!!

The scream rang in my ears. I had to find out what was going on because I needed to help the screamer. It sounded like they were in trouble.


There it was again. I followed the sound until I came to a locked bathroom. I cut a gigantic hole in the door and jumped through—the criminal was gone. There lay an unconscious woman at my feet. I needed to find out who did this so I could stop the person from harming more people. So after I’d called 911 and the ambulance had taken the woman to the hospital, I got my detective fingerprint pad from my bedroom. (Yes, I do live in this mansion and that woman was my masseuse.)

When I had done a clear search of the bathroom and gotten the criminal’s fingerprints, I went to the police station to see if I could find a matching set of fingerprints in the station’s criminal records. I did. And when I saw the name appear on the computer screen, I almost jumped out of my skin. It was Tom Rellepe. The most wanted criminal in the world for more than ten years—and I was going to capture him. (Plus now I knew why Tom wanted to get my masseuse. They used to be boyfriend and girlfriend but she had dumped him.)

So later that day, I went outside and searched for a trail of footprints out on the sidewalk. I found some. I was so glad it was winter. I followed the footprints to a rundown farm and tiptoed through the open door. Then I suddenly stopped and hid when I heard a gang of men in a different room. I eavesdropped on them. This is what I heard.

“After we get rid of all the criminal sniffers, we can do whatever we want. Let’s do it!!!”


I knew that it would be bad for society if there were no police around. So I barricaded all the exits with the old hay bails around the area, got the ladder from the silo, placed it on the side of the barn, climbed up, got on the roof and dropped my HUGE net through the damage roof onto them. (I always keep a net in my pocket in case any surprise criminals come my way.)

“Hey, what is going on!” they said.

“You have been caught. I’m calling a team of police officers to take you away,” I yelled.

Next, I quickly called the police to take the criminals away.

And so it was. I had captured Tom Rellepe and five other most wanted men. Now I was a famous detective worldwide. But, more importantly, the world doesn’t have as many thugs loose to hurt people everywhere.  THE END

Write a Mystery!

Try writing your own mystery story. Think of the fun characters you could create and the exciting plot! You could even write a short one like Hannah did and sent it to B!