Dear Ramona #1

My name is Ramona Sousa and I am a counselor. I have worked in big schools and little schools, both public and private. But the best part of my job has been working with all the different students, teachers, principals and parents, to help them find solutions.

290816_2Bus Stop Trouble

“Once on a field trip we saw some teens smoking drugs at the bus stop. They were really rude to one of the parents. I was with my school group this time but if I was alone, what should I do if teens like this are at my bus stop?” Clarke, Age 10

This is a very good question Clarke, and I am very sorry you had to witness this. First of all, whenever possible you should avoid being alone at a bus stop and always travel with an adult, sibling or friend. I always recommend that students travel with a buddy for safety and companionship. Any time there are drugs and alcohol involved, you must do whatever you need to do to remove yourself from the situation.

If you are feeling unsafe (even if you are with a friend) this is you body’s way of alerting you to danger and you need to go to a place of safety. Perhaps by discussing this with a parent or a trusting adult, you can discover some creative ways to stay safe and plan ahead.

Lost and Found

“I lost a pair of boots at school and then later saw a girl wearing some that looked exactly like mine! What should I do?” Raquel, Age 8

Losing something that we value is very frustrating. Depending on what the item of clothing is, it can be very difficult to know for sure that this other person has something that is yours. If you suspect that the clothing they have on is yours, you can do one of two things:

  1. If you know the person well and you feel comfortable with them, you can tell them what you lost. You may find by taking a closer look at the item it is not yours after all.
  2. If you are quite sure that the item is yours after careful inspection, ask your teacher for help with this one. You would not want to accuse anyone wrongly.

240816_2Send a Note to Ramona

Talking or writing about something always seems to help. Let me know what is troubling or puzzling you about the people in your life. I refer to people that try to pull us down as ‘Peace-Busters’. Do you have a question about the Peace-Buster in your life? Please let me know.

“Put yourself in someone else’s shoes to find solutions.”