A Universe the Same as Ours

By Grace, Age 12

What if I told you that there was a parallel universe connected to ours?

That would mean there would be someone almost the exact same as you. They would have the same name, have the same friends, read the same books and would be doing the same thing as you. The difference would be that your parallel self would be in another universe. How would you react? Would you believe it? Come in close, let me tell you a secret.

240816_6It’s true. There is such thing. Billions of light years away, there is a world just like ours. It exists. How would you like to go there and meet your twin you? Do you think it’s possible? Can I tell you another secret? You can. It is possible. There is a secret way to reach the parallel universe. It’s through a portal. The hard part is how, not what. The secret to getting there is very complex.

Not many people have ever succeeded. In fact only one has. The portal is the easy part. The secret portal isn’t as secret as you may have thought. The secret part isn’t finding the portal, it’s knowing that it is actually a portal. I bet you own one of these secret portals. Can you guess what it is? I’ll give you a hint. You usually find it in a bathroom.

Yup, it’s a mirror. Want to know why you see what we think is our reflection when we look into the mirror? It’s not really your reflection. It’s actually your parallel self. When you look at a so called mirror, your parallel self does the same. You might be wondering why you can’t go through the portal. If you think about it, if your parallel self is completely equal to you, so if you tried to push your hand through the mirror, your parallel self would push with same force back at you. The only difference is that your parallel self does everything on the opposite side. If you used your right hand, your parallel self would use their left hand. Anything you do, your parallel self would do too. There’s no way you can get across to the other side.

Except… there is a legend that a man has made it to the other universe, but no one is for certain. How he did it, no one knows. There is said to be a legendary book that has the secret to reaching the other universe, but it has been lost for centuries. Are you the one that can do the impossible? Can you be the first person in centuries to ever travel to the other universe? Legend says it, that once you leave, you may never come back… Optional moral: Be unique, anything could be possible.

Don’t let your dreams just be dreams. Follow your dreams, even if it’s difficult.

Creative thinking!

Have you ever heard of a parallel universe? It is a popular topic in sci-fi novels and movies. If the parallel universe really existed, would you want to go there? Try writing a short story about the concept or another fun angle from the sci-fi world. You could even sent it to B!