Tube Cabin Craft

090816_12James has another easy craft for you! Create your own little campground or tube town using toilet paper rolls. You might find a few to use from the bathroom garbage can or recycling bin.

What You Need!

  • construction paper
  • pencil crayons
  • glue stick or hot glue (ask an adult for assistance)
  • scotch tape
  • scissors
  • felt pens
  • foam or felt pieces, beads etc.


Measure a toilet paper roll's size and cut a construction paper as well as the toilet paper roll's size.

Take a piece of construction paper and mark on it the width you’ll need to wrap the toilet paper roll. It’s usually about 4 inches. Using a ruler, draw a line and cut off the extra paper.


If you want your tube house to look like a cabin, you can draw lines on the paper. You can also draw a brick pattern or another design of your choice!


Next, wrap the toilet paper roll with the prepared construction paper. Trim off any extra so that it isn’t too long, but you want to overlap it at least an inch.


Glue it down tight. For the roof, cut out a rectangle out of construction paper that is about 4.25 inches in length by 2.5 inches wide. You can use extra paper to create and glue on a sky light or chimney.


Cut some big wedges out of the top of the roll so that you can place your roof on, as shown here.


Below the peak of the roof, cut out your door on two sides so that it can open up. You can color it so that it looks different from the walls. Add a door knob on using felt, foam etc. When that’s all done, place the roof on matching the peaks of the toilet paper roll with the center of the roof. Glue it on or use tape to keep it in place.

You can make your tube buildings different sizes by cutting the original toilet paper roll shorter before wrapping it with paper. Make them all different colors and sizes. Have a sibling or friend make some too and see what you can create together. Have fun!

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