The Jump

070816_1by Nathan, Age 11

Where I live there has always been something we called, ‘The Jump’. It is a gigantic drop off the edge of a cliff. No one knew what was really down there. You see, we live on a planet called Roko Republica. It is all kids. No adults. If you’re interested in finding out if we die… we don’t die. We are all immortal. However, none of us dared to leap off that cliff. All we could see was darkness below. Nothing else. Nobody had ever gone near the cliff except Neal Phileas. He had always been a daredevil and a troublemaker, so no one was surprised when he jumped. Of course, he was never seen again. No one even heard the thud when he landed at the bottom, if there was one. As I said, no one knew what was down there, until one day…

Johnny and I had always been friends. We seemed to like the same things. Still, we had never dared to go near ‘The Jump’. I hated the blood-freezing feeling when I’d get close to the cliff.

One day Johnny and I went fishing. We had always loved fishing. It seemed natural to us. We were boys, so fishing was part of our lives. But in particular, the day did not go as planned. First, we spotted a black cat—bad luck already. Then our rods got tangled in the weeds and we had to cut our walleye line. Then I tripped and fell into the lake. All of this seemed bad, but what really ‘bad’ happened next.

070816_2Sylvia, a friend of mine, ran into me all terrified and a little angry. I asked her what was going on. She screamed, “He stole my toy!” pointing behind her. Then came along Mitchell Hugh. Mitchell is one of those boys that even the toughest of kids found scary. He had biceps as big as my whole body. I managed to get Sylvia’s toy out of his hand and threw it to her. She grabbed it and ran away.

Then Johnny and I tried to tackle Mitchell. He easily pushed us off. In fact, he seemed amused that we even tried. He sneered at me, then tackled Johnny. I tried to pull Mitchell off Johnny, but he gave me a shove. Then I saw his eyes light up as he glanced towards the cliff. He whispered to us, “I think it’s time for you boys to take a little jump!”

Johnny and I groaned in unison. Mitchell grabbed a strong hold of both of us and headed towards the edge of the cliff. We were kicking and trying to pull away the whole time. “Tell anyone and I’ll rip your faces off,” he said as we got closer to the edge. With one last push and no way to escape, Johnny and I held hands and… jumped. My ears popped. We were falling at possibly thousands of feet per second into the darkness. Then we hit the bottom. I looked slowly around and said to Johnny, “Oh no.”   THE END

What Happens Next?

Nathan chose to end his story here, but what do you think happens next? What do the boys see? Are they able to escape and get back home? Can you find the hint in Nathan’s story? You could continue the story and write your own ending. You could even send it to submit for a chance to have it published!