Point Shot #1

010816_2For all you who don’t know how the plus-minus works, players who are on the ice when their team scores, receive a plus. Players who are on the ice when their team gets scored on, receive a minus. What I don’t understand is how come players who are in the penalty box when their team gets scored, don’t receive a minus? And how come a player who draws a penalty which their team scores on, does not earn a plus? Those players are a key reason why their team scored, or was scored against. Isn’t that what the plus-minus is all about?

Another thing I’m not thrilled about is the idea of increasing the size of the nets. This would wreck all the statistical records of the NHL. Let’s say Ovechkin scores 50 goals in 35 games in a year. You could not compare that stat with Gretzky’s 50 in 39 because Ovechkin had a greater chance of scoring on the bigger nets, which would mean a player will never be able to break Gretzky’s and other player’s records set in the past because it’s easier to score than it used to be. Bottom line is the NHL will lose more fans than they will gain with the bigger nets, and they will hurt the game more than improving it.

by Tremayne


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