Bumble Bee Craft


Here’s a something fun to make out of a toilet paper roll and an old sock!

What You Need!

  • toilet paper roll
  • yellow and orange construction paper (or what you have)
  • black felt marker, crayon or black construction paper
  • 2 black pipe cleaners
  • old black sock
  • another old sock
  • buttons, beads, googly eyes or other
  • glue stick and/or hot glue (with an adult’s assistance)


  1. Cover a toilet paper roll with yellow construction paper.
  2. Color black stripes on it or use black paper.
  3. Make four small holes in the roll where you want the legs to come out.
  4. Poke a black pipe cleaner in one hole and out another to form two legs. Do the same for the other legs.
  5. Get a small black sock and stuff another sock inside it.
  6. Poke the toe end through to make the head. Stuff the rest inside to fill the body.
  7. Glue some eyes on the head.
  8. Cut out some wings and tape or glue them on the back of the bee. Then it’s done!

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