Fandango’s Laugh #2

fandango_entranceYou’ve been a great crowd! Gracias to my friends who gave me a few gags and riddles!

Q: What did the banana say to the vampire?
A: Nothing! Banana’s don’t talk
! (Jeremy, Age 12)

Q: Which ice cream do whales like best?
A: Fin-illa!

Knock! Knock!
Who’s there? Ducks go.
Ducks go who? No! Ducks don’t go ‘who’, owls do! (Casey, Age 10)

Q: What does an elf make his sandwiches out of?
A: Shortbread!

Riddle: What has four eyes but can’t see?
Answer: Mississippi.

Riddle: What has a face but can’t smile?
Answer: A clock.

Riddle: What is little, sticks to things, and can go many places?
Answer: A stamp.

Riddle: What dog can’t chase after a stick?
Answer: A hot dog. (Justus, Age 6)

Q: What kind of license does a refrigerator have?
A: A license to chill! (Hope, Age 11)

Q: What is smarter than a talking horse?
A: A spelling bee! (Brooklyn, Age 9)

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