Doodle a Comic!

brainy_brianBrainy Brian is a comic character created by Parker, Age 8. He created a comic about Brian and sent it into BAZOOF! Doodle comics are a lot of fun to put together, so let’s get started on making your own!

1. Who?

First, decide who your main character will be. Parker chose a regular kid named Brian. Here are some suggestions that might spark an idea for you:

  • superhero
  • talking vegetable
  • wizard
  • creature/monster
  • boy/girl with powers
  • dragon
  • astronaut
  • mermaid/merboy
  • farm animal
  • cowboy/girl
  • alien
  • robot
  • mad scientist
  • ballerina
  • tiger trainer
  • clown
  • king/queen
  • pirate
  • secret agent

2. Where?

Next figure out where you character will be which will be the setting for your comic. It might have something to do with the type of character you have chosen, but doesn’t have to be. Use your imagination! Parker chose to set his comic at White Willows School. Here are some ideas where you could set your comic:

  • rodeo
  • campground
  • castle
  • circus
  • laboratory
  • ship
  • forest
  • bus
  • underwater
  • treehouse
  • cave
  • train

3. What?

To help you develop your story, ask yourself a few questions:

  • How will your story start to get it going? Parker had Brian introduce himself.
  • What could go wrong or what exciting event could happen to your character in the setting you’ve chosen? Parker had Big Bob come to push Brian around.
  • How will your story end to wrap it up nicely? Brian’s friend Lisa knew what to do and saved the day!brian_comic

4. Character Concepts

Next, practice drawing what your main character looks like on a piece of paper. Think of some other characters that you might also include and practice drawing them. Parker had three characters: Brian, Lisa and Big Bob.

5. Comic Layout

Now you’re ready to put your comic together. Here are some page options you can print out that will give you some frames to doodle your comic in, or you can create your own like Parker did! When you are done your doodle comic, you might later do another episode or start a new comic. You could even send your comic to BAZOOF! to share with other readers.