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What’s Inside?

Alisha and David are at the Recycling Depot waiting for your arrival so you can hang out with them again in Countryville. Fireman & Waterman are having a tiki surprise party thrown for them. And the best part is you’re helping to get the party ready before they come to the door! You’ll see what we mean when you read it!

A Game of Ball

Do you like playing baseball? Meet Slate who plays on two baseball teams and shares a little about why he enjoys playing and what he’s learned from his coach. Alice and Olivia’s pets got picked up by the Pet Patrol, so check out what makes their pets so fun to have around!

Two Youth Stories

Two students at Sir Melvin McMelon Elementary have some interesting stories to share. One story is about a boy that runs away from home and goes into a forest. Another is about some scientists who have a very big zombie problem to fix. All this and more in this issue!