Plastic Bags Please!

Welcome to the Recycling Depot & Education Center. This is where folks come to drop off their recycling and learn how they can help take care of their community. Today we are learning about Recycling Plastic Shopping Bags.

The recycling depot takes empty, used plastic bags from the recycle bin. They wash them, dry them, and chop them up. Then, a special liquid is mixed in called ‘resin’. The bags are then melted into pellets which are sold to manufacturers.

They can be made into new plastic bags or plastic lumber products used for flooring, park benches, picnic tables and decking. I bet you’ve sat on a bench before made from recycled plastic!

How you can recycle plastic bags: 

Make sure that your bags are clean and empty. Turn them inside out and stuff them into one bag. Take them to a participating grocery store and place them in their recycling bin. You can sometimes find it at the entrance to the store or near customer service. If you don’t see it, just ask someone in customer service to point you in the right direction.

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