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What’s Inside?

In the Spring Flinger #53 issue, you’ll have fun exploring the neighbourhood of Countryville in the city of BAZOOF! Here you’ll find fruit orchards, a school, a public library, space-farm animals and more! Have you ever wondered who might live here?

Three Youth Stories

Start by visiting Sir Melvin McMelon Elementary to read the story about Beastly, a creature alien that came from a potato. Try writing a different ending to the story title, ‘Snow globe Trouble’. The Foster Family is a story about a grandma who lives in a spooky house and how she adopts three children.

And There’s More!

Enjoy some ‘Ants on a Log’ that Freg has prepared in his Snack Shack. Xo’Ju, an alien who flies around the city, has some tips and a game about conserving water. Jerry is at his underground gym and has a workout to keep you movin’ and laughin’. At Galaxy News, meet Devina Briggs, a super girl that will inspire you to fill your life with good things!

Fireman and Waterman have a new adventure with Mr. Jiggles, the worm. Find out what happens. The Pet Patrol scooped up Coconut Kait, a cute little West Highland Terrier. Learn some easy dog tricks that you can try with your pal at home. And don’t forget the true stories, a real favourite. All this and much more in this fun-filled spring issue!