If you are under 18, please see our Submissions page for youth writing opportunities. Otherwise, follow the three steps below to submit your work as an adult writer.

We are actively seeking submissions in the following categories:  
  1. Lessons Learned When We Were You: (Non-Paid) These are little true stories that happened to the you, the writer, when you learned a lesson between the ages of approximately 7-12 years old. The stories could also be about experiences or people that helped shape your life for good. Examples are childhood fears, experience that happened at school, on trips, friends, between siblings, parents, grandparents etc. Writers are welcome to submit one or more of these type of stories. There are four stories in each issue of the magazine. Each story needs to be between 135 - 160 words. Include with the submission a brief description of what you looked like when you were a kid for the illustrator's reference (hair color/style, eye color, nationality...).

    Openings available for publication: At present
  2. It Happened to Me: (Non-Paid) This story is just a much longer version of a true story described above and for the same age group. But it is much more involved so that you could comfortably write between 740-750 words that includes 8 subtitles that divide up the events in the story. It needs to be a situation gripping enough to keep the reader's interest for that length, yet not too sensitive. Please contact us first before you start writing to be sure it would be appropriate.

    Openings available for publication: At present
  3. Feet Up Chronicles: (Paid) Short narrative piece written for our parent readers; 275-280 words 'Chicken Soup' type of a theme about parenthood. Written to either inspire, entertain or just light reading that they would enjoy about raising a family. Prefer stories involving children the age of the magazine readers (approximately 7-12 years) but open to others, depends on the nature of the submission. Feel free to pitch your idea to us before your write it in full. Must be written about a true situation. Stories could have a seasonal theme to it like winter or summer or around a holiday event like Christmas or Halloween. General themes also welcome.
    Flat fee: $50
    Openings available for publication: At present
  4. Pet Horoscopes: (Paid) Written just for fun about pets or animals in general. Meant to be silly, humorous and can include a little education at the same time. If writing about an unusual pet, like a giant panda bear for example, the horoscopes need to be written as if the panda bear lives and interacts with humans as would a dog or cat interacting and living in the home. It adds to the humor. Write from the pet's point of view (see linked sample). Each horoscope needs to be between 20 to 27 words as space is very precise! If you are unsure about which animal to write about, contact us and we can inform you which ones haven't been done yet or not for some time. If you want to be sure you're on the right track, send us a sample!
    Flat Fee: $50
    Openings available for Publication: Generally booked one year in advance.

2. Follow Our Guidelines

Please read this information carefully to assist you in your submissions.

Thank you for your interest in writing for our award-winning publication! The majority of the writing for the magazine is done in-house or by our youth readers. For visiting writers, we presently have a few non-paid and paid editorials that you'd be welcome to submit to. Non-paid submissions will receive assistance in forming thoughts, grammar, spelling and story flow. Paid submissions should be polished and error-free as much as possible. See Step 1. PICK AN IDEA for samples of previously published work.

Place of Residence: Although the magazine is distributed worldwide, we are only seeking Canadian writers for adult submissions at this time as a part of our content requirement in qualifying for Canadian grants. This restriction does not apply to youth submissions.

Making Requests: Due to our time restrictions, our Writers' Guidelines are only available through this website and are not mailed out.

Format of Unsolicited Manuscripts: Contact us to review.

Paid Submissions: Eligible submissions are paid flat fees as set out in Step 1: Pick an Idea.

Accepted Work Perks: Writers will receive two complimentary printed copies of the magazine, a high resolution digital version and a file suitable for sharing on social media. Writers are asked to submit an invoice by mail or email once their work has gone to press. For paid submissions, payment is handled once copies are being mailed unless otherwise arranged by the publisher. Additional copies for friends and family are available by completing this form.

Sample Issues of BAZOOF!: Single copies available by ordering a digital version through Pocket Mags, the Apple App Store, or you may purchase a hard copy through Amazon. You can also send a cheque for $7.00 (copy/shipping costs) to the Vancouver, BC Canada address on the contact page.

3. Upload Your File

Once you're ready to submit, fill out the form below and click "Choose file" to attach your document. If you have more than one attachment, then you must submit a separate form for each submission.

Submitting this form certifies that you have read, understand, and accept the submission guidelines contained in Steps 1 and 2 of this form.

If you would prefer to send us your submission the old-fashioned way, then please mail it to one of the following addresses:
P.O. Box 15335
North Hollywood, CA
United States
canada-flag BAZOOF!
1879 West 2nd Ave
Vancouver, BC
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Please note we do not guarantee the return postage of original works.