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As a Parents’ Choice award-winning magazine, BAZOOF! offers a powerful tool in health education and character development. Along with the fun, specific editorials can be used to stimulate a class discussion covering topics such as nutrition, exercise, personal care, being eco-friendly, honesty, self-esteem, gratitude, kindness, service, peer pressure, bullying, respect, online safety, choosing good friends, leadership and more. Best suited for ages 8-12.

Many rewarding moments can take place as youth open up with their feelings and understanding. Samples of editorials that spark discussion and application are:

Free PreviewIntergalactic Health Center
Readers meet up with Nurse Sniggles and learn about healthy habits and how their body works through creative hands-on activities, games and fun facts.

Free PreviewJerry’s Underground Gym
Jerry takes the readers through a fun workout that will not only get them laughing, but help them see how fun exercise can be and how good it feels.

Free PreviewLessons Learned When We Were You
A favorite in the magazine where parents, grandparents, teachers and teens share true stories about their growing-up years when they learned some important lessons.

Free PreviewKeep Walking to Higher Ground
Readers meet students attending various educational programs, learn about their everyday lives and the avenues they are pursuing.

Free PreviewIt Happened to Me
A great discussion editorial in the magazine of a true story shared from the growing up years that had an impact on the writer.

Youth Submissions
BAZOOF! empowers kids with confidence by publishing youth submissions and comments. Class projects or submissions by individual students are welcome! Get your youth involved in the educational experience of being published! Complimentary copies for class and students are sent to those involved.

We’re Listening
BAZOOF! is a backed by people who value your comments and suggestions. Don’t hesitate to contact us.