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mom_kidsWhy choose BAZOOF!?

There are few things parents think of more than their child’s health. As an award winning magazine, BAZOOF! is a powerful tool in educating readers on the essential elements of health that play a key role in a child’s growth. Along with much fun and adventure, the magazine covers topics on nutrition, fitness, personal care, character development and eco education. Appeals to both girls and boys and is great shared between siblings. Best suited for ages 8-12.

Hands-on Activities!

Includes hands-on activities, games, puzzles, and other fun elements to spark reader interest in applying what they read towards lifetime education and habits.

Healthy Balance

Topics covered include healthy snacks and drinks, serving sizes, reading labels, hygiene, teeth care, being active, playing sports, kindness, service, peer pressure, bullying, respect, online safety, choosing good friends, leadership, pet care, recycling, having a positive attitude and more!

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Especially for You!

Found near the back of each issue of BAZOOF! is an editorial dedicated to parents called Feet Up Chronicles. It is a true story about family life that parents can relate to and take a break to enjoy. The Writers are parents like yourself who have submitted their story.

Family Health Tips for Parents

On the same page with Feet Up Chronicles you’ll find a column for parents that gives healthy Family Tips from leading experts on various topics.


In the magazine you’ll find many editorials designed to help readers make safe and healthy choices, such as Lessons Learned When We Were You! The magazine can become a discussion tool between a parent and child that both can appreciate.

Youth Submissions

BAZOOF! empowers kids with confidence by publishing youth submissions and comments. Only first name and age are included in the magazine for privacy.

We’re Listening

BAZOOF! is a magazine that values your comments and suggestions. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

What parents are saying about BAZOOF!

Still not sure if BAZOOF! is right for you? Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our readers’ parents have to say:

"I especially like the safety information and activities that are different than any other magazine." Sarah, St. Catharines, ON
"My daughter loves it. It's colorful, educational and has a little bit of everything in it." Shelley, Winnipeg, MB
"I love your magazine! I read one copy and I was hooked! I love reading it with my kids." Haeden, Comox, BC
"I especially like the variety of articles and ways my children can be involved ie. Emails. Your It Happened to Me is super!" Mary-Anne, Saskatoon, SK
"The articles and content are eclectic." Sharon, Peterborough, ON