Hi everyone! This is Majo with more about all my animal friends I have at home and the zoo where I work. I believe that animals have emotions just as we do such as anguish and fear. They also have a confidence with their owners that is very impressive such as loyalty and nobility that characterizes them. I have always said that animals have so much to teach us about kindness and gratitude.

Now that I’m in school and have extra activities there, my parents help me take care of them. When I have time, I get up and the first thing I do is take the dogs out to the garden, then prepare their food as they take turns eating. Then I give them their medicine and the horses breakfast. In the evening, I do the same routine.

Here is another photo of my horse “Le Petit Ami.”

This is a close-up photo of my dog “Boullette!”

Duque one of the oldest dogs we have. It was my grandpa’s dog and he gave it to us because he knows we like animals very much. Duque is a very calm, loving, but sometimes he gets very nervous if he is left alone.

Having pets and taking care of them helps to have responsibilities especially in young people, also to have empathy for other species and not to be a selfish person. Animals teach us things every day, help us to have less stress and calm down when we feel overwhelmed by the problems of society. They are the only ones that the only important thing in their life is that you get home to play with them and give All the love they have for you!

Tell B! About Your Pets

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