mcmelon_stickWhat are B! Maggles all about?

The Department of Canadian Heritage has encouraged publishers to create projects that shared Canada’s rich history with its citizens. With the financial support of the Government of Canada—the concept of this new publication was born. B! Maggles are a piggyback publication of BAZOOF! Magazine designed especially for library and classroom settings in Canada. They celebrate student creativity, foster healthy lifestyle choices, provide eco education, and explore the wonders of Canadian history. They are set in an alien school in the space city of BAZOOF!, where readers engage themselves in articles, artwork, and stories powered by our own Canadian youth. If you haven’t seen a sample copy yet, click here!

What ages are they designed for?

They could be enjoyed by students ages 7-12 years—keeping in mind they will work better with the expanded editions to come.

How many pages will future Maggles have?

This first issue is a sample of future B! Maggles. Additional pages will be added to make space for the various features they’ve been developed for.

What format and languages will they be available in?

B! Maggles are an ipad-friendly size. Complimentary digital copies suitable for ipads and other electronic devices are available by making a request through contact us. We’ll require your email address. This first maggle (Vol 1—Issue 1) is only available in English with future plans to offer them in both English and French for digital and print.

When is the next one available?

The second edition will be available early spring 2017.

How can I request future copies?

You can receive future Maggles for your class by completing the survey below or by contacting us by email at the Vancouver Production office providing:

  • your full name
  • grade you teach / or if you are a librarian
  • school address and phone number
  • number of students in your class or the amount of copies you’d like to receive

How much do they cost?

Through funding and support from the Government of Canada and BAZOOF!, they are presently complimentary (while supplies last of each issue) to teachers, librarians and other youth organizations across Canada.

Could my class or students contribute content to future issues?

Yes! Become involved and we’ll be sure each member of your class receives a copy. We encourage early submissions. If we run out of space in the B! Maggle, your submission will be published in BAZOOF! magazine or on the B! Blog. But we’ll be sure it is shared and enjoyed and we will communicate with you on its progress. Assistance with your submission will be given to prepare it for publishing. Use the submission form found here. Types of submissions could include:

  • Canadian historical fun facts
  • Brief write-up of a Canadian historical event or influential figure
  • Fun facts about nutrition, fitness or how our bodies work
  • Description of what your school does to be eco-friendly or practice healthy habits
  • Easy craft idea and digital photo or scan of the project
  • Jokes or riddles
  • Puzzles or games associated with Canadian history, health or the environment (no mazes please)
  • Doodle comics
  • Short stories 500 words or less
  • Helpful eco tips for home and school

Quick Survey link to offer your valued feedback

If you currently have a maggle or the chance to view the digital version, please complete this quick survey to help shape its future! We are not collecting your personal information, only your comments. Please note to complete this survey, you need to be a teacher, librarian or administrator in a youth organization that includes 7-12 year olds. Thanks again, we value your comments!


wordmark-cmyk_larger_rgb“We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada.”
“Nous reconnaissons l’appui financier du gouvernement du Canada.”