What to Send & How

Hey, everyone! This is Oay here at B! Headquarters. How would you like to be published in an upcoming issue of the magazine? It is easy to do and a lot of fun. I'll give you some ideas of what you could do, and you might even ask a parent, older brother or sister, or even your teacher to help you! General submissions are welcome from youth (ages 7-14) or their parents/care givers. Stories are welcome from youth of any age.

Some ideas of what you could send me are:

  • Letter
  • Short story (up to 1,000 words maximum); Can be creative, fun, and have a slight moral to it if you choose
  • Poem
  • Craft idea
  • Drawings
  • Photo of your pet
  • Photo of you doing an activity you enjoy
  • Picture of a project that you made
  • Recipe
  • Game or puzzle
  • Jokes or riddles
  • Tell me about a sport you enjoy playing or a musical instrument
  • or any other ideas you have

Be sure to include with your submission:

  1. Your first and last name (your last name will NOT be published)
  2. Age (youth)
  3. Full mailing address including area code/zip code (will NOT appear in the magazine). Depending on what type of submission you are sending...we often can send you complimentary copies for keepsakes and to share with others. 
  4. Email address - then I can let you know I've received it, plus we'll send you a SNEAK PEEK of what it will look like in the magazine to be sure we have all your info right!
  5. Home phone number - Sometimes when we are preparing for press, we need to reach you and are not always able to contact you by email (optional)
  6. And be sure to tell a parent or guardian of your plans so they can assist you!

Mail your submission to an address below, or for faster service email to
oay@zamoofmag.com (see notes below if emailing photos):

BaZoof! - Submissions
PO Box 15335
North Hollywood, CA

BaZoof! - Submissions
1879 West 2nd Ave
Vancouver, BC
Canada  V6J 1J1



How are submissions chosen to go in the magazine?

B! does it's best to publish every youth submission received into the magazine within the described age range. General submissions (7-14 years) stories (8 years and older). If space isn't available in the issue that will come out next, then you'll be informed when. Sometimes it may suit a theme coming up, so decisions can be based on that. We'll try not to keep you waiting too long! B! treats all submissions equally.

Is there a way to know what B! is looking for specifically?

Submissions like jokes, letters, photos and artwork by kids are generally always open. When we are looking for something very specific, we will post it on the Open Submissions page. Depending on the volume of responses, placement in the magazine cannot be guaranteed but we'd be in contact with you to let you know the situation. Generally all submissions are published as soon as we can fit them in.

How many times can one person submit?

As many times as you'd like!

Who can submit?

(1) youth - with parent approval ages 7-14 years; Stories can be submitted by youth ages 8 years and up! (2) A parent, teacher or care giver can submit in behalf of a child  (3) Parents, teachers or care givers can also submit any ideas they might like to offer themselves including true stories for 'It Happened to Me' and 'Lessons Learned When We were You.'

What about privacy issues for youth?

Due to the fact that many youth have facebook pages and sometimes youth photos are included in the magazine, B! only publishes the child's first name and age, that's it! A parent can request that their child be referred to by another name if they wish.

Why is emailing a submission preferred over post?

First, it allows you to keep the original copy by scanning it in or taking a picture of it with a digital camera or iphone etc. You don't have to worry about edges (if you take a picture of a drawing). We can trim it up. Just be sure it is in focus by not going too close. When you send it, keep it the original size. Emailing an image means your submission will be received sooner so generally will get handled quicker. It also guarantees nothing will be lost or damaged in the mail. Send to: oay@zamoofmag.com

When emailing an image, what type of file is B! looking for?

Please send the largest file that you can, JPG at 300 dpi is ideal. If it is a photo/image coming from a digital camera, send the original size as possible. Don't let the file size down when emailed. B! can receive large files, but if sending more than four images, break the attachments over a few separate emails. Use your digital camer, iphone etc., it all works!

Do submissions receive pay?

Great cost goes into producing the magazine and generally submissions are treated as a privilege and opportunity. Only adults who fill editorials referred to in Writers Guidelines receive payment for submissions.

How do I know if my submission has been received?

If you email the submission, you'll receive a reply usually within 48 hours confirming receipt. If sent by mail, please include an email address if you'd like a confirmation of receipt. Mail by post is slower and may take 3-4 weeks to receive a response. If you don't hear back and you included an email address, please contact our office directly in case an email didn't go through or the submission didn't arrive at 1-604-559-3939. Please leave us a message with your phone number, if we miss your call, as we don't keep regular business hours.

If I mail my submission, could I have it returned?

If you send us a return envelope with postage on it, we'd be happy to return it to you. Consider taking a picture of it or scanning it instead. See instructions above. 

If my submission has been received, how soon could I expect to see it published?

Depending on what type of submission it is, B!'s goal is to publish the submission in the issue that would be out next, or at the latest the one after that so a child isn't waiting too long. You will be given a rough time frame once the submission is in production. If I forget to mention it, just inquire at oay@zamoofmag.com.

What if I'm told our submission will go in the magazine, but then don't see it or there is an error?

PLEASE let me know! We can sometimes make errors and don't mean to and appreciate it when it is brought to our attention. We always do something to make up for any errors if that is the case. Just contact me at oay@zamoofmag.com or call the production office at 1-604-559-3939 and we'll be able to tell you what the situation is. Please leave us a message with your phone number, if we miss your call, as we don't keep regular business hours.

How much of the magazine is supported by submissions from youth?

There is a careful balance between work that is brought in by professional writers and illustrators, and youth submissions. Some of the objectives of BAZOOF! are to encourage and inspire creativity and empower youth, so youth contributions play a significant role in its content.

What if I want more copies of the issue our submission is in and can't find it on newsstand?

You can contact us directly at 1-604-559-3939 (PST) and pay for extra copies with a credit card over the phone, or print out this order form and pay by check or credit card. BAZOOF! will cover all the shipping costs for you and will send them to yourself or any friends or family! Please leave us a message with your phone number, if we miss your call, as we don't keep regular business hours.

Where can I get more information about submissions?

Email oay@zamoofmag.com or call the production office at 1-604-559-3939 (PST). Please leave us a message with your phone number, if we miss your call, as we don't keep regular business hours. We'd be happy to answer your questions and assist you!