General information

BAZOOF! (formally called ZAMOOF!) is a vibrant award winning 'health' magazine for youth set in a bustling city in outer space. Along with much fun and adventure, educates readers on nutrition, personal care, exercise, character development, goal setting, being eco-friendly, and the power of a smile...all in a creative and zany style! Includes hands-on activities and a variety of fun elements to catch reader interest as they learn and grow. Best suited for ages 8-12.

BAZOOF! is filled with youth submissions, comics, recipes, puzzles, games, crafts, jokes, pet fun, interviews, true stories, movie posters, cut-outs, prizes and more.

Topics covered include healthy snacks and drinks, hygiene, teeth care, being active, playing sports, kindness, peer pressure, bullying, respect, online safety, choosing good friends, higher education, leadership, pet care, community service, being eco friendly and more!

In the summer, readers get on a bus and head to CAMP GALOOPA for a fun-filled issue. There's no other magazine like it!

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BAZOOF! Production Schedule:

  • Fall Fun (Oct 15), Wacky Winter (Dec 15), Spring Flinger (Feb 15),
    Sun & Showers (April 15), Super Summer (June 15), Back to School (Sept 15)

  • 8" width x 11" height
  • $4.95 USD/CDN single copy + tax
  • 2-YEAR (12 issues) $43.95 USD/CDN  $76 Int'l  *35% savings!
    1-YEAR (6 issues) $26.95 USD/CDN  $39 Int'l  *20% savings
    *Off cover price; Subscriptions include tax and shipping
  • An affordable gift that can be enjoyed all year
  • Works great shared between siblings
  • Back Issue Gift Sets available in the shop with same day service and FREE shipping!

What Parents are Saying About BAZOOF!

"I love your magazine! I read one copy and I was hooked! I love reading it with my kids." Haeden, Comox BC

"The articles and content are eclectic." Sharon, Peterborough ON

"I especially like the variety of articles and ways my children can be involved ie. Emails. Your 'It Happened to Me' is super!" Mary-Anne, Saskatoon SK

"My daughter loves it. It's colorful, educational and has a little bit of everything in it."
Shelley, Winnipeg MB

"I especially like the safety information and activities that are different than any other magazine." Sarah, St. Catharines ON

Why Others Have Subscribed:

  • "I liked the magazine myself."
  • "It was for a gift."
  • "It looked like fun/cool, entertainment for my kids."
  • "My child wanted it."
  • "I wanted my child to read more."
  • "Looked like it had lots of things my kids would be interested in."
  • "My child was interested in getting a magazine in the mail."
  • "It was about helping kids to make good choices."
  • "It is a gift that can be shared between siblings."
  • "My child thought it looked really fun to read."
  • "I wanted my students at school to read other types of material."
  • "It sounded like good info for children and parents."
  • "It seemed like a nice magazine for children."
  • "Looked informing and fun at the same time."