This page is where information will be featured to help answer any questions readers have about ABAJUB! Send any questions, comments or concerns you might have for a response!

How do I turn the pages?

Depending on the program being used to open the digi-mag, there are different ways you can move right or left to different pages etc. Here are some suggestions to look for:

  1. Tap to the far left or right side of the page in the centre and see if an arrow appears. If so, use that to go forward or back. Tapping it will let it show up when you need it.
  2. You can swipe the pages with your fingers left or right.
  3. Tap at the very bottom of the page onto a square that looks like a rubrics cube. That will open the complete menu of pages where you can jump around to what you want to read.

Why don’t the check boxes work?

Depending on the program and the device being used to open the digi-mag, will the checkboxes work or not. We’re working towards minimizing this.