A&D’s Prizing #57

Alisha & David have a new prize request for you. Here it is: “Send in your thoughts about the changes to BAZOOF! Issue #57 (size and paper features inside). B! wants to hear what you like, dislike, and any other feedback you can offer.” Continue reading

Fandango’s Laugh #4

Mis amigos! It’s your friend, Fandango! Here’s a joke I received from Seth, Age 5. Knock Knock? Who’s there? Gorilla. Gorilla who? Gorilla of my dreams! Ha-kawaka-kakakaka…  not sure I get that one, but let’s laugh anyways! Thanks Seth and remember to keep sending in your jokes! Hasta Luego!

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Aleah’s Comic Fun!

Check out Aleah’s (Age 13) comic about some super hero cats and a mouse! After you enjoy her comic, read her interview at the end to learn where she came up with some of her ideas!

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Dinosaur Quiz!

270916_7Do you know much about dinosaurs? Usually, when you hear the word Dinosaur, you imagine aggressive carnivorous ones. But studying more about them, you can find many herbivorous dinosaurs as well. Those are the ones that are more relaxed and eat grass and other vegetation! If you can answer these questions below right or even most of them, you are on your way to being a dinosaur expert! The answers can be found at the bottom of the blog.

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Fandango’s Laugh #3

130916_2Hola mis amigos! It’s me Fandango! Hey, I’ve got a good one for you. There are two beans, and they’re talking, and the one bean says to the other bean,” So, how’ve you bean?” Ha-kawaka-doodle-doo! Oh, that one makes me laugh like a rooster every time!

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What’s Different? #2

See if you can find 15 differences between the first drawing and the second? Try to not look at the answers at the bottom of the screen until you think you’ve found them all!

Drawing 1


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Crack the Code

Guess the pictures, then add or subtract letters to form words on the blank spaces that are ‘simple machines’. Each blank space is for one letter. If you have it right, the word should fit perfectly on the blank spaces. Write your answers on a piece of paper, and keep the answer key covered at the bottom until you’re ready to check. Good-luck! Continue reading