Inside, meet the two newest Jubs, Juju and Jaff. Jaff is one of the teachers at Jub school and if he’s not teaching language arts or cultural studies, he is snacking on the odd space cricket that likes to hide in his unkempt hair!

Atsary, Age 11, shares a poem called THE FOX, THE HEN AND THE DARE. Plus enjoy more youth short stories and poetry through extra links. Joe, Age 12, moved with his family to Montreal and he shares photos and what it was like starting at a new school. Nurse Sniggles talks about what happens to your food after you swallow it and includes a video link called Belly Bonanza.

And don’t forget, the next episode of EARTH TO JORB! Jorb meets up with his friend Jaxy as they head off to Jub school. He can’t get the new caves he found out of his mind and is even having a hard time sleeping.

Albert’s Art Gallery is filled with some of his paintings that have animals doing activities us humans enjoy! He even shares his top five tips for learning art skills yourself. You can start by drawing your own space cricket, with step-by-step instructions. All this and more!

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Camp Galoopa #63

It’s time to hop on the bus and head to the mountains to enjoy Camp Galoopa—space-style!

When you get there, you register, get your Camp Galoopa Survival Fun Pack, then find out which cabin you’ll be staying in. While you are at camp, be sure to write in your mind-reader journal to save all the memories you’ll be making. When you hear the GONG, head to the Moose Shelter to make a baby bird craft out of a pine cone. Continue reading


Issue #62 is bigger than ever and has returned to a full size. Now that B! is producing a digital companion called ABAJUB, BAZOOF! is going to take full advantage of being available in print. Continue reading


Paras and Ruel invite you to spend some winter fun in Countryville with them! Alex A. is a special guest! Enjoy his interview and a glimpse of his graphic comic world with Jon Le Bon! You’ll find more true stories at the Community Centre. One is about a bully on a bus, another about the challenges that can come from learning a new language.

Dashiell, Age 9, shares a superhero poem that has a fun twist! Meet C. T. and Eggie, the carrotriloquist! They’ve got a delicious Carrot Dilly Dip you can make. Feel like doing a craft? James has another easy one that you make from a milk or juice carton called Bug-on-a-Roof! There are some winter puzzlers to get your thinking, and jokes and riddles at Fandango’s next show.

Closer to the end of your visit, find out what happens to Crystal Clarke in her true story when she got lost. This and MUCH more… inside this next issue of BAZOOF!


Inside you’ll find some back-to-school fun! Enjoy a youth story about Bobo Doggo, the pencil, and his crazy life in Room 207. Written by Noah, Age 8. Have you ever seen a real jelly fish? Matthew, Age 14, tells his true story about his experience with a jelly fish on a family trip to the beach.  Continue reading

What’s Inside #59?

Just to update all B! readers, issue #59 was dropped in the mail Friday, June 2’nd. To see the revised publication schedule, visit here. Also, learn about something BIG happening just around the corner for subscribers!

Issue #59 is filled more than ever with stuff sent in by youth! Thanking everyone for all your contributions! The feature story that appears on the cover comes from Asif, an aspiring young writer who shares a fable he calls, The Fox & the Birds. Continue reading


The weather is warming up and the next issue is on it’s way to help bring in spring!

In this issue, readers get to enter Sir Melvin McMelon Elementary and meet the school principal and his students. Rig Rog, Griffmo, Bellaboo and other students learn what makes them all so different and how they can treat each other with those differences in mind. There is a fruity invasion going on in Chenchen’s comic with some crazy characters like Clementina, Mr. Oniolli and Brock From Cali! What is this sweet bunch up to? Continue reading

Great Stuff Ahead!

B! has a few surprises coming your way with this Wacky Winter #57 issue, so we’ll keep them surprises. But the moment you have the magazine in your hands, you’ll see what we mean! Continue reading

Fall Fun 2016

cover_56What’s Inside?

What would happen if you were at school and it rained so hard, the playground started to float away? Read a fun youth story about this very particular situation written by Brittany, Age 10. Meet Nathan who introduces the Korean sport of taekwondo. He’s included some fun games to go with the sport that will teach you more about it. Continue reading

Camp Galoopa #55

bazoof_55What’s Inside?

Jump in the bus and head to the mountains for a fun week at Camp Galoopa! Find out what is in your Survival Fun Pack this year and which cabin you’ll be staying in through a fun quiz. There’s lots to do at camp such as the Great Nature Hunt, Water Tubing, Rock Climbing and eating pudgie sandwiches that you make over the camp fire.

Space Journal

Write down all your adventures in your mind-reader journal, after all, we are in space! Outside camp there is a fun Tube Cabin craft you can make and read Tremayne’s Point Shot sport comment. The true story in It Happened to Me about a bully brother reminds us that bullies are not only found at school, but at home too. Continue reading