Night in the Mansion

290816_3By Hannah, Age 10

Aah! Aah!!!

The scream rang in my ears. I had to find out what was going on because I needed to help the screamer. It sounded like they were in trouble.


There it was again. I followed the sound until I came to a locked bathroom. I cut a gigantic hole in the door and jumped through—the criminal was gone. There lay an unconscious woman at my feet. I needed to find out who did this so I could stop the person from harming more people. So after I’d called 911 and the ambulance had taken the woman to the hospital, I got my detective fingerprint pad from my bedroom. (Yes, I do live in this mansion and that woman was my masseuse.) Continue reading

Dear Ramona #1

My name is Ramona Sousa and I am a counsellor. I have worked in big schools and little schools, both public and private. But the best part of my job has been working with all the different students, teachers, principals and parents, to help them find solutions.

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A Universe the Same as Ours

By Grace, Age 12

What if I told you that there was a parallel universe connected to ours?

That would mean there would be someone almost the exact same as you. They would have the same name, have the same friends, read the same books and would be doing the same thing as you. The difference would be that your parallel self would be in another universe. How would you react? Would you believe it? Come in close, let me tell you a secret.

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RCMP: Pups in Training

cstholmes_headCOMMUNITY SAFETY Series
by Constable Steve Holmes

Puppies start police training very young by learning to obey commands and paying attention to what he is being taught. The pup doesn’t know it, but he is being watched very closely to see if he ‘has the right stuff’ to be a great police dog. He is also checked to make sure he stays healthy and is growing strong. Not all puppies are cut out to be police dogs. Those that don’t make it are given to loving homes. Those that do make it go on to formal police dog training in Innisfail Alberta, home of the R.C.M.P. dog training facility.

Police officers who want to be dog handlers must raise three to five puppies and be willing to volunteer their time to familiarize themselves with the world of police dog handling by being prey or quarries for the handlers and their dogs. They must put on bite arms and bite suits to play the part of the human dog treat after they run a track for the police dogs to follow.

Dogs that Make the Cut


CST Chris Brinnen & Kaiser

If the police dog is successful in the track, he gets to chew the bite arm the person is wearing as a reward and this keeps the dog’s interest in what he is doing. If the dog handler in-training is selected, he will also go to Innisfail, Alberta where he will meet his new canine partner. There they will train together for over six months. In this time, an amazing bond will form between dog and human and the two will learn to communicate with each other so they can work well together in the field.

The handler will learn to efficiently control his dog and will learn to understand what the dog is telling him by his body language and voice. For instance, the dog is taught to tell his handler when he has found something either by sitting down or barking a certain way. The handler is also taught to use certain hand signals to tell his dog what to do. At the end of training, the dog and human have formed a working partnership that continues to develop when they go back into the community.

Smelling the Bad Guys

All police dogs are capable of tracking human scent, which falls off us like invisible dandruff. This scent lands on the ground or other things but doesn’t stay there forever as the wind and water can take it away. That’s why it’s important for police dogs to get to the crime scene as soon as possible so they can pick up the scent while it’s still there. Police dogs can also be trained to sniff out drugs, explosives, dead bodies, and objects that have human scent on them. Most police dogs have good long careers lasting 6-10 years on average.

After the dog is retired, if the handler wants to have another dog, he goes back to the police dog training facility and trains with another partner. Some of them work with several dogs during their careers and all police dog handlers will tell you that working with their furry friends is the best part of their day to day police work.

See you next time,
CST Steve Holmes

Kid Power

Kid Power

by Susan Beth Pheffer

Janie Golden starts an agency called Kid Power because she wants to earn money to buy a new bike. Kid Power is about Janie and all the jobs she does while running Kid Power. The motto of Kid Power is ‘No job is too big or small’. Janie has a lot of adventures while doing her jobs and it is sometimes really funny. Janie Golden is the main character in the story. Carol Golden is her sister and she sometimes helps out. Lisa is Janie’s friend. Lisa helps out with jobs like gardening that Janie doesn’t know a lot about. Ted and Margie, who are Janie’s friends, also work for Kid Power.

One of the first jobs that Janie gets is going to Mrs. Edward’s house every weekday morning to see if she wants anything from town. Mrs. Edward is an elderly lady that lives down the street. One day, Janie is at Mrs. Edward’s house and nobody seems to be home. She goes inside anyway and sees Mrs. Edward lying on the floor unconscious! Kid Power keeps you wondering what is going to happen next because anything could! Review by Laura, Age 11

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An amazing Japanese fantasy movie is coming out August 19th! Kubo and the Two Strings is an American 3D stop-motion action adventure film. Continue reading

Pete’s Dragon

150816_1Believing in the existence of fairies, magic—and dragons has always been a fascinating topic for youth. Pete’s Dragon is a story of a boy and a green dragon. This movie is a remake of the 1977 film of the same name by Disney. If you are interested, watch both movies and see the difference in the story and special effects as compared to almost 40 years ago! Continue reading

Pudgie Sandwiches

100816_1Pie-iron sandwiches, A.K.A. pudgies, are easy to make and a delicious campfire meal. Here are three recipes you can try! They are all according to taste, so modify the ingredients as you like. Be sure to always have an adult assist you around the campfire. And if you don’t have a pie-iron, see the information below where you could pick one up!

Sloppy Joe Pudgie

  • 2 slices of bread
  • sloppy joe seasoning mix (comes in a package)
  • ground beef (precooked)
  • barbecue sauce
  • onion
  • butter or margarine

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