Fall Fun #64

The leaves are falling in Bloomsbury meaning the next issue of BAZOOF! is ready and at the printers. If you are a subscriber, please return to this post for an update when they’ll be dropped in the mail this week.

Paras and Ruel are waiting for you to spend some time with them in the neighbourhood! In the library, you can read short stories including, “Adventures of Sir Raspberry” by Cooper, Age 12. Plus a spy story called Ruby Rosette written by Arushi, Age 12. Continue reading

Little Artist

“My name is Athul and I live in Bangalore. I love to do art, my brother and aunty also like to paint and draw. I get my ideas by looking at many books and outside in nature. I do art at school and it is one of my favourite subjects. I especially like to do pencil shading. Another hobby I have is playing the keyboard. I think art is a great activity for kids to do.” Athul, Age 8

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The second issue of ABAJUB has now arrived!

Inside, meet the two newest Jubs, Juju and Jaff. Jaff is one of the teachers at Jub school and if he’s not teaching language arts or cultural studies, he is snacking on the odd space cricket that likes to hide in his unkempt hair!

Atsary, Age 11, shares a poem called THE FOX, THE HEN AND THE DARE. Plus enjoy more youth short stories and poetry through extra links. Joe, Age 12, moved with his family to Montreal and he shares photos and what it was like starting at a new school. Nurse Sniggles talks about what happens to your food after you swallow it and includes a video link called Belly Bonanza.

And don’t forget, the next episode of EARTH TO JORB! Jorb meets up with his friend Jaxy as they head off to Jub school. He can’t get the new caves he found out of his mind and is even having a hard time sleeping.

Albert’s Art Gallery is filled with some of his paintings that have animals doing activities us humans enjoy! He even shares his top five tips for learning art skills yourself. You can start by drawing your own space cricket, with step-by-step instructions. All this and more!

Here is how to order!

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See a sample of ABAJUB here!


You get to be a part of writing the Jub language that is called Jubberish. ‘Owah’ is a common word used to greet other Jubs similar to the word ‘hello’. What could be the word Jubs use to say farewell or ‘good-bye’? Remember, the Jub language is very simple and would remind you of the way cavemen talk. Give it a try!

  1. Scroll down on this page to read responses from other readers.
  2. Then continue scrolling to LEAVE A REPLY, fill in the form and then share a comment of your own.  Your answer may be chosen to be the new name of this Jub or another Jub in the future!
  3. When you are done writing your comment, hit the red button titled POST COMMENT one time.
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Thanks for being part of the conversation! To learn more about ABAJUB, visit here!

Curtis & the Boy Next Door

boynext_1by Isabella French, Illustrated by Carmen Durand

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful fall morning, eight days into October, and Curtis was turning 10. His mother had planned a party with all his school friends at their place that afternoon. Curtis lived with his mom and dad in a town house complex that lied between the outskirts of their small town and its surrounding forest.

Usually it was cooling down this time of year, but that day the sun was shining after a few long rainy days. Even though the air was brisk, Curtis wanted to go outside and do something. He thought it would be fun to go out with Derek for a bike ride before the rest of his friends came for the party.

Derek, Curtis’ best friend, lived right next door. They had almost everything in common, even their size, except Derek was two years older. Derek lived with his mom and was good about helping her out as much as he could. But even so, he was always game for getting out of the house for a little break when she was doing her housework. She’s the kind of mom who likes to put headphones on and sing loudly out of tune while she works! Before the boys left for their ride, she leaned over, rustled Derek’s hair and said, “Have fun boys!” The boys found their shoes then sat on the steps to put them on. Continue reading

Cupcake Catastrophe

by Kendra, Age 12

Eliza Maxwell leaped off the bus and dashed to her house. “I’m home!” she announced, slamming the door behind her and tossing her backpack onto a window-seat.

Eliza’s older brother, Jacob, stepped into the room, his hands greasy. Jacob was studying to be a car mechanic, and practiced on the family van whenever he could. “Hey, Liz!” he called.

Eliza’s younger brother, Sammie, and the family dog, Squash, bounded in together—Squash’s nails clicking on the tile floor. “Hey Liz!” yelled Sammie. Squash barked excitedly. Eliza leaned down to pet him.

“We’re having a class party!” She took off her shoes and flopped down at the kitchen table. “My teacher says we all have to bring something to do or eat, but I can’t think of anything to bring!”

Jacob shrugged. “Well, you could bake those strawberry cupcakes Mom made for your birthday last year.”

Eliza gasped. “That’s perfect! Will you help me?” Continue reading

Wonderful Drawings

Check these drawings out that Jayd, Liam and Avery sent to B! Thanks for sharing! To read ideas of drawings you can do, see below.

Jaid, Age 8

Jayd, Age 8

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River Poems

230916_1A Grade 5/6 class from Glacier View Elementary spent an afternoon visiting Trent River. They took their water color supplies and writing books and worked in silence as the water gurgled past them. It was a warm October day with the deep blue skies behind the brilliance of golden maple leaves and dark green firs. As their teacher describes it, they were learning to love nature.

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About Tatum

by Degan, Age 14

Jayson Tatum is a professional basketball player that plays for the Boston Celtics.

Prep school

Jayson went to prep school for 4 years at Chaminade College Preparatory School. As a Freshman at Chaminade, he averaged 13.3 points and 6.4 rebounds per game. As a Sophomore, he averaged 26.0 points and 11.0 rebounds per game. As a Junior, Tatum averaged 25.9 points per game and 11.7 rebounds per game while earning Second-team Naismith Trophy All American honours. As a Senior he averaged 29.6 points per game and 9.1 rebounds per game.

He was chosen to play in the 2016 McDonald’s All-American Game in January. He competed in the skills competition which he would win, and in the all-star game on March 30, 2016, at the United Center in Chicago. Tatum led the East Team in scoring with 18 points and hustling 8 rebounds in a 114-107 loss to the West Team. Continue reading

Teacher Interview

“The point of this interview is to understand what a teacher’s point of view is to teach.” Landen, Age 14

Landen: What is it like being a teacher? Is it fun, exciting, stressful?

Teacher: The job can be stressful and can be fun. In my mind, the job part of it is knowing your subject area that you are teaching so you can effectively convey the materials to students in the way they understand. The fun part is how you go about that. I’m almost at 30 years of teaching now and I kinda look forward to it, getting up, coming to school, interacting with the students. It’s fun. Continue reading