Issue #60 is at the printers and will be mailed Friday, August 4th!

Inside you’ll find some back-to-school fun! Enjoy a youth story about Bobo Doggo, the pencil, and his crazy life in Room 207. Written by Noah, Age 8. Have you ever seen a real jelly fish? Matthew, Age 14, tells his true story about his experience with a jelly fish on a family trip to the beach.  Continue reading

Map Hints

If you’re looking for a few hints to help you find items on the map in Issue #60, you’ve come to the right place! Hopefully you can check them all off.

McMelon Elementary – large school just below the GALAXY BURGERS billboard

Grandma M’s Garden – bottom right corner

Hat Boutique – this building got cut off, but you can barely see the ON TOP sign at the very bottom, that’s slightly to the right of the centre Continue reading

Abajub! Digi-Mag

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the surface of Planet GLAK? Well, you’re about to find out very soon! Starting September 1st, 2017 BAZOOF! will be gaining a digital companion called Abajub! This special digital publication will work alongside BAZOOF! and will continue the theme of ‘Live Healthy. Build Character. Express Yourself.’ But, there will be some fun differences too! Continue reading

Memories of Scratchy

by TeLeni Koochin

I knew I always wanted to be a mom. Growing up in a family with seven children, I never saw life complete any other way. Even being a parent this long, I can still feel sometimes like I’m just playing  house— especially when I hear the clothes dryer going, the lawn mover humming outside, or the smell of mop water as I’m cleaning floors. Continue reading

Saving Brownie

“I love dogs, and do whatever I can to help them. So even though this story isn’t based on an actual experience, that is where it came from.” Anousha, Age 10

I hear whimpering come from behind a bush. I peek behind the bush and laying there is a wounded she-dog. I take the injured dog in my hands. She is not very heavy. I can tell that she is underweight because her ribs are poking out from under her. Even though I am lost, I can’t just leave an injured dog in the forest to die!

I see a sign up ahead. With the dog in my arms, I run to the sign. It says Trail Exit Up Ahead, with an arrow pointing the direction to go. I follow the arrow until I am at the exit. I see a town with lots of little homes, and just my luck—a pet hospital right next to the pet store. I rush in the direction of the pet hospital, which is not very far away. Continue reading

Splinter Wood

by Samuel, Age 13

On a branch.
Staring down.
Long way down.
Hands gripped with fear, on a so small stick,
to a so tall heap of splinters,
digging in my limbs.
Splintering, screeching, on a stick,
so slick with sweat.
Crunching, cracking, from above.
Chipping, crackling, as I glance up.
Crashing, clashing, into me,
a stick of splintering wood.

More scratched,
more bruised,
dangling down.
Stick of splinters,
is on the ground.
As its crash resounds, I still hang on.
The falling leaves,
laughing me.
I’m slowly, barely, sliding down.
Holding, grasping, for dear life.
Splinters cutting me,
like a knife.
Days later, at least it seems,
has rescued me.
Stick of Splintering Wood,
staring me, yet
harmless now.
Happy that I am being
sat down

Capturing a Moment

In this poem, Samuel really captures a moment that perhaps he has experienced before. He explores many emotions one could have from falling helpless to the ground from a broken tree branch. Does his poem inspire you to write a poem yourself? It could be about flying a kite, fishing, sleeping on a dock, hiking on a trail, riding a bike, or another idea you have. You could even send your poem to B! by visiting submit.

A Wild-Eyed Dream

by Sarah, Age 14

Rushing wind blowing back my hair
Whipping it around
A hurricane of possession snatching at the long strands
The crystal clear blue
surrounds in all directions;
There is no up and down
No right way or wrong way
There’s only me
and the endless sky Continue reading

What’s Inside #59?

Just to update all B! readers, issue #59 was dropped in the mail Friday, June 2’nd. To see the revised publication schedule, visit here. Also, learn about something BIG happening just around the corner for subscribers!

Issue #59 is filled more than ever with stuff sent in by youth! Thanking everyone for all your contributions! The feature story that appears on the cover comes from Asif, an aspiring young writer who shares a fable he calls, The Fox & the Birds. Continue reading

Great Black Liquid

by Leo, Age 12

It’s five or six in the morning
Sighs, yawns, and groans fill the air
Car engines are running and droning

During the morning commute
The owner returns to the car
with a mug of coffee Continue reading