Live Healthy. Build Character. Express Yourself.

Welcome to ABAJUB where readers discover a community of creatures that live below the surface of Planet GLAK! This unique custom digi-mag inspires healthy living and encourages creativity through publishing youth stories, poetry, art, and the wholesome activities and events that shape their lives.

Readers are engaged in the content by sharing their views and ideas, and can be a part of writing ‘Earth to Jorb’—a story series about a young Jub creature who unexpectedly finds himself on earth. A section referred to as ‘Out There’ features books, games, apps and other hot items on the market that are family friendly and encourage a good use of their time. ABAJUB follows the same theme as it’s print and digital companion BAZOOF! being: Live Healthy. Build Character. Express Yourself. It is suitable for reading on any device but best viewed on a tablet.

When do digital issues come out?

BAZOOF! and ABAJUB are both published quarterly. Between the two of them, readers could receive healthy, fun, and educational reading approximately every six weeks! To see the production schedule for each, visit here.

What are the costs to purchase?

  • Single (1 issue) $2.70
  • 1 YR (4 issues) $9.99  SAVE 10%
  • 2 YR (8 issues) $17.99  SAVE 19%

ABAJUB (digital) & BAZOOF! (digital) Combo: Download via Pocketmags and the Apple App Store.

ABAJUB (digital) & BAZOOF! (print) Combo: Subscribers can purchase BAZOOF! print magazine and add ABAJUB to their order for only $1 per issue (as a special introductory price). See pricing and order here.

Can I see a sample of some of the content?

Yes! See a sample of ABAJUB here!