The third issue of ABAJUB digi-mag is ready and in the process of being distributed! Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Jip and Jorb are planning a prank on their school teacher that sends the whole class in a fit of laughter. Find out what happens (and what doesn’t) in this next story in Earth to Jorb. Meet Majo and many of her animal pets and friends in a special feature called “Majo’s Zoo.”

Have you wondered just how tall a Jub is? See how their size compares to you along with learning more about two Jubs, Jaxy and Jowu. Ryan, age 14, shares a ‘weird’ story and read Joseph’s poem about a man who finds himself stranded on an island. Have you eaten your seven fruits and vegetables today? Read about the new delicious featured fruit on Page 15. All this and more in this next issue of ABAJUB!

Here is how to order!

  • Single (1 issue) $2.70
  • 1 YR (4 issues) $9.99  SAVE 10%
  • 2 YR (8 issues) $17.99  SAVE 19%

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