Little Contributors 2

B! has been in a number of communities participating in Christmas markets. At the table, youth can submit jokes, riddles, share what sports they like to play, and mention any pets they have. They also can draw a picture to share with other B! readers. Here are a few from the youngest age group who contributed. The older kids will have their submissions published in BAZOOF! print magazine, ABAJUB digi-mag or here on the B! Blog. Thanking everyone who participated! It has been a lot of fun and wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas season ahead!

by Erica, Age 5. Erica loves to dance!

by Maxx, Age 5. Where do you take a cow on a date? To the ‘moo’-vies!

by Corra, Age 5. Corra likes to ride her bike and she enjoys flowers!

by Charlie, Age 5

by Charlotte, Age 4 1/2

by Morgan, Age 4. This is a picture of a sunflower and some rocks!


If you’d like to draw a picture and send it into B! for publishing, please send it to submit for all the details.